Sunday, January 11, 2009


See both of the banner above? Its a peace message for all people around the world… As long as Israel exist on the globe, there would be no peace for all of us. To all my muslim brothers and sisters, please continue to send the message, let others know. Some of us doesn’t notice these, our brothers and sisters are suffering in palestine, but still, they hold the faith in ISLAM. Just to let you people out there know, its not only muslims fighting for this, theres also a lot of non-muslim association fighting for palestine freedom, and they do it just for the sake of humanity.
If you guys still wondering what to do, and how to do, to show your support on BOYCOTT ISRAEL, please, and please, stop using or buying the product from the brand listed below. Slowly changing to other brand would help a lot. Its been proven that all the brand below help to generate israel warfare. And with all the foundation, israel bought weapon to kill our brothers and sisters. To make it simple, the analogy is ITS US WHO KILL OUR OWN BROTHERS AND SISTERS!.. PleasE!! TRY TO STOP USING THESE BRAND PRODUCTS!

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