Monday, April 23, 2012

You and Me, we're not the same..

I dedicate this post to a friend of mine.

Hi! How I wish I can say this to you right now. I just wanna thank you for all that you've done. I just can't imagine how my school life would be without you, as you helped me a lot in studies. You know what, you're the only reason why i stay in 'that' school. Yeahh, you're the one who changed my mind about transferring back to my former school, since I though I couldn't survive there as I'm a very slow learner. I still remember when you begged me to stay, you said don't go, cause you're part of us, we all here are one family, if you move out, then our family will not be perfect anymore. Well, you actually the first one who managed to change my mind, cause even my family couldn't so. So I stay, and in return you became my private tutor, since you are very smart student. You helped me a lot in Additional Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Eventhough I'm a slow learner, you never give up in teaching me for two years. Well, I really appreciate that. Because of you, i managed to get good result in my SPM examination. Thank you for being a very kind and caring friend to me. You never stop giving me support in everything I do. You know what, you are also the first one *my friend* who give me vitamin. Haha. I know its kinda funny, but I know you really concern about my health. Thanks friend! I really don't know how to pay back all your good deeds to me. I just can pray so that God will bless you. We were so close before.. But not anymore..  I just wanna say that deep down my heart, I'm really sad that we are so far away now.. Before this, whenever I'm sad, you were there, making me smile.. Sometimes you even draw something for me in a piece of paper, just to make me smile and laugh.. But not anymore.. Hope that you can read this.. I don't think I have to mention your name, cause you know who you are.. Well, you and me, we're not the same.. =(

This song is for you,

Thanks for being my friend =)

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